zondag 24 mei 2015

Hans Henkemans, John Pritchard: Mozart KV 453 (Fontana, 1954)

Ik heb een beter exemplaar gevonden van deze Fontana LP, zodat ik nu het ontbrekende pianoconcert no.17 KV 453 van Mozart, gespeeld door de onnavolgbare Nederlandse pianist, componist, muziekdocent en psychiater Hans Henkemans (23.12.1913 - 29.12.1995) kan posten. 
Kijk rechts bij labels, scroll naar Henkemans Hans en je ziet de vorige posts van deze pianist op mijn blog.

John Pritchard (Londen, 05.02.1921 - Daly City, Californië, 05.12.1989): Engels dirigent.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Pianoconcert no.17 in G KV 453
1  allegro
2  andante
3  allegretto
Hans Henkemans, piano
Wiener Symphoniker o.l.v. John Pritchard
LP 30 cm: Fontana 695 036 KL
Opname Wenen, 07-04-1954

7 opmerkingen:

  1. A wonderful recording. Thanks so much.

  2. dear Satyr (?) I am delighted by the new (for me) pianist you introduce here !!
    while I am doing a sort of survey in the mass of Mozart concertos renditions , I had to revoke a plenty of
    very modest ones, and keep a very short list (3 to 5 for the average)
    now I discover Mr Henkemans !!

    his 27 is fresh gracious , he plays like a young with an impressive ease
    the 19 and 24 are perfect too

    14 , delicious

    I would like to listen to this 17 (a very nice opus!!) , but unfortunately the 'sorokine' link fails

    is there a chance to have a repost ?

    all the best !

    ps the link to your Blog was passed to me by '8ch...'

  3. I am also interested by the Nr 25 (with the 6) that 'sorokine' is also failing
    may be too old (April 2014) ?

    mille Merci!

  4. I understood (by your reply to Billinrio) that your server was off

    hope you will recover soon !!

    1. Yes, I asked my dear host to solve the problem,..

  5. grand merci!! the 17 is splendid (the 14 was already becoming one of my 3 favs (along Ranki and AX)

    I am happy to discover such a nice Mozartian !

  6. beautiful old recordings! i am greatly grateful. many thanks. -cheers, a.v.