zaterdag 2 maart 2013

Péter Pongrácz, hobo: Haydn, Hidas (Qualiton, 1962)

Frigyes Hidas (25.05.1928 - 07.03.2007): Hongaars componist. Studeerde aan het Franz Liszt Conservatorium in Budapest bij János Visky. 
1951-1966: muziekdirecteur van het Nationaal Theater in Budapest
1974-1979: muziekdirecteur van het Operette Theater in Budapest.
Sindsdien is hij freelance componist. Zijn oeuvre omvat bijna alle genres, o.m. 5 opera's, en met name veel composities voor harmonieorkest. Frigyes Hidas horen we hier als dirigent in zijn eigen hoboconcert uit 1951.

1  Joseph Haydn: Hoboconcert in C    26:25
    allegro spiritoso - andante - rondo: allegretto
    Péter Pongrácz, hobo;
    Symfonieorkest Hongaarse Radio en Televisie o.l.v. János Sándor    

2  Frigyes Hidas: Hoboconcert (1951)    18:56
    allegro - andante - allegro
    Péter Pongrácz, hobo;
    Symfonieorkest Hongaarse Radio en Televisie o.l.v. Frigyes Hidas
Qualiton LPX 1084    
Opname 19-03-1962

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4 opmerkingen:

  1. According to Wikipedia, the Haydn concerto is spurious. It's quite pleasant though. Someone seems to think it might be Beethoven! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your reaction and for the link! Very interesting discussion.

  2. This is especially interesting for me, as I knew the conductor Janos Sandor well during the last few years of his life (he died in May 2010), here in Victoria BC, where he and his family emigrated in 1995ish.

    He was a superb conductor - he worked extensively with the University and Youth orchestras in Victoria - and a truly wonderful human being, who is still greatly missed. He conducted them jointly in Mahler 8 in 2000, a performance (well actually two) which nobody who attended will forget.

    No matter who wrote the oboe concerto (Grove agrees that it is spurious or doubtful) I'll be interested to hear it.

  3. this is a beautiful recording. thank you!