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Louis Auriacombe: Vivaldi (HMV, 1968)

Een derde post van het Kamerorkest van Toulouse o.l.v. Louis Auriacombe (1917-1982), die dit gezelschap in 1953 oprichtte. Hij bleef tot 1971 dirigent van dit orkest. Meer info over hem leest u hier. De andere 2 posts, met muziek van Couperin en Telemann, vindt u hier.

Antonio Vivaldi:
1  Concert voor 4 violen in b op.3 no.10    12:00
    allegro - largo - finale (allegro)
    Georges Armand, Oreste Giordano, Klaus Mühlberger, Aimée Auriacombe, viool
2  Concert voor blokfluit in C op.44 no.11    10:25
    allegro - largo - finale (allegro molto)
    Michel Sanvoisin, blokfluit
3  Concert voor 2 trompetten in C op.46 no.1    6:59
    allegro - largo - finale (allegro)
    Albert Calvayrac en André Bernes, trompet
4  Concert voor 2 mandolines in G    10:55
    allegro - andante - finale (allegro)
5  Concert voor mandoline in C    7:05
    allegro - largo - allegro
    André Saint-Clivier en Christian Schneider, mandoline
Orchestre de Chambre de Toulouse o.l.v. Louis Auriacombe
HMV 5C 053-10068 stereo
Opname 12-06-1968

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  1. Satyr, you are spoiling me! This was the first Vivaldi record I ever heard, and I played my copy of the cassette till it broke!!! This has made me SO nostalgic! I could never hear it without imagining golden Venetian sunshine (even though I'd never been there). The performances are excellent too; I checked & they even re-issued it on CD a couple of years ago - so it's still in the catalogue, and it deserves to be.

    The Gramophone reviewer quoted the sleeve note "Vivaldi's music is the joy of living — it is Venice; it is St Mark's Square in the sunshine ... it is also music which knows how to say the most serious, even the gravest things with a smile". I can't check if that's the same sleeve-note as it was back then on my copy 30+ years ago; but it perfectly captures what I always felt about these performances!

  2. Hi David, I'm glad that you enjoy this record! Thanks for your reaction.

  3. Is there a link for this that I can't see?