vrijdag 11 februari 2011

Guillaume de Machaut: Messe de Nostre-Dame (Ducretet Thomson, 1955)

Guillaume de Machaut (1300 à 1305 - 1377): Frans componist en dichter; kanunnik van de kapittels te Verdun, Arras en Reims. Belangrijkste componist van de Ars Nova.

Guillaume de Machaut: Messe de Nostre-Dame, du sacre de Charles V
1  Kyrie   10:47
2  Gloria   5:05
3  Credo   7:12
4  Sanctus   3:28
5  Beneductus   1:43
6  Agnus Dei   3:58
7  Ite Missa est   2:42
Jean Archimbaud, sopraniste; Pierre Deniau, haute-contre; Georges Cathelat, ténor; Eugène Bousquet, baryton; Marcel Vigneron, basse
Ensemble vocal et instrumental, direction: Roger Blanchard
LP 25 cm: Ducretet Thomson 270C 085 (LD 1465/6)
Opname 28-03-1955

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  1. Oh, fantastic, I am REALLY looking forward to hearing this! Thank you SO much! Nick

  2. It's quite intense! Fascinating, thank you again, Nick

  3. Oh oh oh !!!!! Fantastic, fantastic - brilliant - downloading urgently, I am SO looking forward to this! (I see they are singing the de Van edition - I assume you've heard the parts of the Mass, recorded by de Van, available on the CHARM site?)

  4. Nice, that's why we're doing this! I hope you enjoy the Mass! Greetz,

  5. I've been playing this on my iPod all morning, and walking around with a big silly smile on my face! The library where I borrowed so much music when I was growing up didn't spend much on medieval music, so the recordings I found were all a bit old, and the style was like this.

    I love it. The brass taking the little melismas or paragraph-marks in the Credo, for instance, and also so beautifully in the Benedictus; elegant & natural-sounding. What a joy to hear the nine-fold Kyrie! I don't think I've ever heard a recording that does it 'properly', they usually interpolate plainsong despite Machaut's markings; and I'm certain I've never heard a three-fold Ite at the end - that was a big surprise!

    It's so much looser and more celebratory than Safford Cape's almost contemporary recording - which is scholarly but a little dull, I thought... I believe there is a recording out there somewhere by the Dessoff Choirs under Paul Boepple; I just remembered I have one of their Josquin LPs I haven't played for 30 years, must see if I can locate it, but I've never found their Machaut LP :-(

    But I live in hope. After finding this wonderful record, I just know someone somewhere will have a copy of the Boepple!!!!!!

    Thank you for making my day, Satyr. This, and then the latest Auriacombe post. I feel like I've gone to heaven!

  6. Inspired to actually look for a copy of the roughly-contemporary Dessoff Choirs version of the Messe de Nostre Dame, I googled - and found one in 30 seconds on the European Archive!! If you haven't already heard & compared it with the Blanchard (and Safford Cape) performances of similar 1950s vintage, now you can...

  7. I loved this: the only time I've heard the nine-fold Kyrie Machaut asks for, and the only time I've heard a three-fold Ite, very odd & surprising but a good solid ending. The brass 'paragraph marks' in the Credo (and beautifully in the Benedictus) work so well too. I prefer this looser & celebratory performance to Safford Cape's contemporary recording, which seems to me a bit academic and dull; and it beats the Dessoff recording, which has similar (but less good) brass work, on sound quality & sheer joie-de-vivre - as well as that Kyrie!

    Thank you so much for this, it really made my week!!

  8. I'm very glad you enjoy the recording so much, and thanks for your thorough music comment!

  9. Hello would it be possible to reupload this for me or provide me with a link? Thank Friend in MUsic.

  10. Hi Satyr: Just in case you are interested, I found a dozen or so old Bach Guild LPs from the late 50s & 60s reissued on Amazon as a download here - Dessoff Choirs, the Prager Madrigalisten under Miroslav Venhoda, Jeremy Noble's Josquin Choir, Denis Stevens & the Accademia Monteverdiana ... Sound quality is indifferent, but a great chance to re-hear some of the old 'classic' LPs which introduced the Renaissance to that generation, at a ridiculously small price!!

    1. Thanks David! And nice for everyone who is interested!