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Serge Baudo: Honegger (Supraphon, 1960)

Serge Baudo (Marseille, 16.07.1927): Franse dirigent. Zoon van de hoboïst Etienne Baudo, neef van cellist Paul Tortelier. 
1959 - 1962: orkest Radio Nice
1962 - 1965: Opéra, Parijs
1971 - 1987: Orchestre National de Lyon. 
1979: Stichtte het Berlioz festival.
1997 - 2000: Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana
2001 - 2006: Praags Symfonie orkest
Met de Tsjechische Filharmonie nam Serge Baudo de complete symfonieën van Arthur Honegger op. Deze LP, opgenomen in 1960, heeft in 1962 de Grand Prix National in Parijs behaald.

Arthur Honegger:

1  Symfonie no.2 voor strijkorkest en trompet in D (1941)    25:08
    molto moderato, allegro
    adagio mesto
    vivace non troppo

2  Symfonie no. 3: Symphonie Liturgique (1946)    28:10
    allegro marcato: Dies Irae
    adagio: De profundis clamavi
    andante: Dona nobis pacem

Tsjechisch Filharmonisch Orkest o.l.v. Serge Baudo
LP 30 cm: Supraphon 50 143 (stereo)
Opname 10-04-1960
Totale tijd:   53:18

Arthur Honegger

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5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh gosh! I remember buying this LP almost 50 years ago; it was at least partly the cover image which persuaded me, as I knew nothing about Honegger.

    I now bleieve his second to be one of the GREAT symphonies of the 20th century, I must have most, if not all of the known recordings, but this is still at the top of the tree...

    1. Thanks for your reaction! I'm glad you like the album as much as I do ;-)

  2. Thank you so much!!! These are wonderful pieces, and they are still fascinating 60 years after I first heard them. Baudo's performances are totally convincing: direct and unaffected. The Czech Philharmonic is just about perfect, with great rhythmic energy and precision sharp, declarative phrasing and not a whiff of Berlin or Vienna. Even the recorded sound and acoustics are favorable. The reverberant delay leaves attacks clear while supporting sustained gestures.

  3. I remember this recording was highly praised in France when released.....it is still a major version. THX.

  4. Many thanks for this! I still remember the shock of hearing this recording, bought in the Dublin bargain record shop where I spent a lot of time and money as a student. The energy and commitment of the orchestra, and the vividness of the recording have stood the test of time well! Many thanks for the upload.

    Please feel welcome to visit my blog, which focusses on live performances by contemporary artists. And many thanks for all your wonderful LP restorations!