woensdag 10 juli 2013

Jean Fournet: Scheherazade (Fontana, 1958)

Jean Fournet (Rouen, 14.04.1913 - Weesp, 03.11.2008), een Franse dirigent die veel in Nederland heeft gewerkt, is een bekende gast op mijn blog, kijk hier voor opnamen met muziek van Voormolen, Ravel, Delibes en Franck. Lees een uitgebreide biografie van deze uitstekende dirigent op Wikipedia.

Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade, op.35 (1888)    44:29 
Wiener Symphoniker o.l.v. Jean Fournet
Walther Schneiderhan, viool
Fontana 700 062 WGY stereo
Opname 07.11.1958

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8 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello Satyr,

    Thank you for the beautiful memories that this download will give me.

    I remember very well my very earliest purchases of classical music - much of the music came on Fontana LPs - I could not afford anything more expensive, even these were often purchased second hand. The other series for which I have fond memories were of the Philips "Classical Favourites" - contained in startlingly beautiful covers.

    Thank you for the nostalgia.

    Keep them coming.


    Douglas (UK)

    1. Thanks for your reaction, Douglas! I also have good memories when I see records from cheap series like Fontana, Philips, MMS, Turnabout. Have fun listening!

  2. Thanks so much for this fantastic post dear Satyr !! All Fournet is much welcome !!!! Like the Musidisc series (and also for the same low price.......) , the Fontana had real gems....for instance and among others, I would love to hear some Dorati/Minneapolis/ Tchaikovsky......Centuri

  3. Hello again Satyr,

    Thought that you and your readers might like to read the following review of Dorati (Minneapolis/AMS Mercury), Bernstein (NYPO/SABL Philips)and the Fournet (VSO/Fontana SCFL 110) from the 1961 "Stereo Record Guide" (Greenfield, March and Stevens):

    "These three performances of Scheherazade have to measure up against two outstanding records from Monteux and Beecham. None of them do. Bernstein is mannered, Dorati offers a brilliant finale but a dry and lustreless recording does not help him elsewhere, and Fournet is plain dull. None of the recordings is anything to write home about, but Fournet's is the worst, seeming to have no top frequencies whatsoever."

    It will be interesting to see if the Stereo Record Guide is valid when I get around to listening to this download.

    What do you or your reader's think?


    Douglas (UK)

  4. I had this LP too, great to see its face again. Always regretted getting rid of so many old LP's...

  5. Please, can you reupload this treasure?
    Very kind of you.

  6. thank you, i haven't heard this version. -cheers, a.v.