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Lully: Miserere (London DL 53003, 1953)

Jean Baptiste Lully, oorspronkelijke naam Giovanni Battista Lully (omgeving Florence, 28.11.1632 - Parijs, 22.03.1687): Franse Barok-componist en dirigent. Werkte het grootste deel van zijn leven (1653-1687) aan het hof van Louis XIV. Componeerde o.a. ca. 30 balletten, verder Comédies-ballets (in samenwerking met Molière), Van 1673-1687  schreef hij jaarlijks een opera (op 1681 na). Zijn Miserere schreef hij in 1664.
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Jean Baptiste Lully: Miserere (1664)    30:23
Margaret Ritchie, sopraan
Elsie Morrison, sopraan
Alfred Deller, counter tenor
William Herbert, tenor
Richard Lewis, tenor
Bruce Boyce, bariton
St. Anthony Singers
L'Ensemble Orchestral de l'Oiseau-Lyre o.l.v. Anthony Lewis
LP25cm: London, Edition de L'Oiseau-Lyre DL 53003
Opname 22.09.1953

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  1. Thank you very much, Satyr - this is very welcome!

  2. Hi Satyr,
    just found your remarkable site of older recordings of still worth to listen productions, so I say thanks for your great work, as I found here David Munroe, a fine interpretor of ancient dance music and the nice Lully album with his "Miserere", as I still like these elder productions - although I have to admit the new "young generation" as Gardiner, Kuijken and Pinnock have discovered new dimensions of playing this kind of music on their own angle of view.
    So I will continue to have a look on your fantastic site and again I say thanks to you for all these gems you share here with us.
    Woody from Hamburg, Germany

    1. Thanks for your approval! I myself like to listen also to Gardiner, Kuijken, a.t.l., and especcially Frans Brüggen (Orch. XVIIIth Century), but that doesn't mean that older ways of interpretation must disappear. I like to hear the start of the whole development of playing "old music" as well (f.i. the whole Anthologie Sonore 78rpm records). Greetz, Satyr