maandag 10 september 2012

Nieuwe links

Beste bezoekers,

Dank voor alle meelevende en ondersteunende reacties!
Ik heb alleen de nieuwste posts ge-upload naar Zippyshare, omdat de oudere posts audiotechnisch minder van kwaliteit zijn.
Wilt u toch graag een oudere file downloaden, stuur dan een reactie en dan herstel ik de link.
Links die 30 dagen lang niet gedownload worden, worden bij Zippyshare automatisch verwijderd.

De links die nu hersteld zijn:

Marie-Claire Alain, George Stam: Laurens orgels
Betty Bruylants: Suites pour clavecin du 18e siècle (Duchesne DD 7111)
Peter Frankl: Bartók (Qualiton MM 236)
Frottole (Candide CE 31017)
Enrique Jordá: De Falla - el sombrero de tres picos (SMS 2536)
Charles de Wolff: Mendelssohn, Buxtehude (Discanto SP 65002)
Nicanor Zabaleta, harp (DGG LPE 17 128)


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear Satyr:
    I'm glad you're back with high spirits!

    1. You bet I am! The music I upload is generally not commercially viable. That means that this music will be hidden: the record industry will do nothing with this kind of music, because it's not commercially interesting, and they can do that with the tightened copyright law in the hand. Artists will more quickly be forgottten. And that's unjustice.

  2. Hi Satyr - The file share services are a pain, eh? I'm thinking about moving back to RS.

    1. Hi Buster! You better watch out! In my opinion RapidShare is not so rapid and very annoying for the people who wants to download (anyway, I don't know how to download from Rapidshare without paying). It's good to use more than one share service, so that when one service thinks it's funny to stop, you still have a part which is available on another service. I think I'm gonna use Sendspace or Hotfile as a second service. Perhaps other people have suggestions? On Emilio 's blog is a discussion about this subject:

  3. Hello Nikita Sorokin, you can reach me at and give some more information! Greetz, Satyr