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Dom Joseph Gajard 8: Messes du Temps Pascal (Festival, ca.1960)

Dom Joseph Gajard O.S.B. (1885-1972) was koordirigent van de Monniken van de abdij Saint-Pierre de Solesmes. 
We zijn er een beetje te vroeg mee, want op deze LP staan missen die gezongen worden gedurende de Paastijd, dus de periode vanaf de vooravond van Pasen t/m Pinksteren (50 dagen na Pasen).
Quasimodo is Beloken Pasen: de eerste zondag na Pasen.

Messes du temps Pascal

1  Kant 1:    18:14
Dimanche de Quasimodo:
Introït: Quasi Modo (6e mode)
Kyrie: VI ad lib. (7e-8e mode)
Alleluia: In Die (7e mode)
Alleluia: Post Dies Octo (7e mode)
Offertoire: Angelus Domini (8e mode)
Communion: Mitte Manum Tuam (6e mode)

Vigile Pascale:
Alleluia: Aonfitemini Domino (8e mode)
Trait: Laudate Dominum (8e mode)

2  Kant 2:    18:50
Troisième dimanche après Paques:
Introït: Jubilate Deo (8e mode)
Alleluia: Redemptionem (2e mode)
Alleluia: Oportebat (4e mode)
Offertoire: Lauda Anima (4e mode)
Communion: Modicum (8e mode)
Séquence: Salve Dies Dierum Gloria (7e-8e mode)

Choeur des Moines de l'Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Solesmes
Direction: Dom Joseph Gajard, O.S.B.
Festival FC 545 stereo 
Totale tijd:   37:04

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  1. I can see from the comments column that I've been talking too much :-) But I think this one might be for me - thank you, Satyr!

  2. Thank YOU! I'm glad you talk! I do appreciate when people give reactions about the music (and not only download the music and that's it) - you belong to the very few who give reactions, and with detailed comments, so please, continue!

  3. Hi Satyr - just to say thanks again, and to note that you have reversed sides 1 & 2 (i.e. file 01 Messes ... 1 is actually the 3rd Sunday, side 2; and vice versa). It doesn't make a lot of difference to the enjoyment of the chant, but I was confused for a while trying to figure out what they were singing!

  4. I can't find a dowbload link for Gajard 8. Am I missing something? Never heard these LPs--hope they are as inspiring as the 78s!
    Many thanks for sharing these and other goodies!

    Mike in Plovdiv

  5. I can't find the download link to Gajard 8. Am I missing something?