vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

Ensemble Vocal Philippe Caillard: Josquin Des Pres (Erato, 1955)

Josquin des Pres (Josquin Desprez, Josquines Pratensis) (ca. 1450 à 1955 - 1521): componist en pedagoog uit het tegenwoordige Zuid-België of Noord-Frankrijk, vooral werkzaam in Frankrijk, ook enkele jaren in Italië. Hij componeerde m.n. motetten, missen en chansons.
Philippe Caillard (1924): Franse koordirigent. Hij heeft ongeveer 30 platen voor Erato opgenomen, 15 ervan kregen een Grand Prix du Disque
Deze plaat met de mis "Pange Lingua" van Josquin des Pres, is opgenomen in de Église Saint Roche in Parijs op 23 juni 1955.

Josquin des Pres: Messe "Pange Lingua"    
Kyrie - Gloria - Credo - Sanctus - Benedictus - Agnus Dei
Ensemble Vocal Philippe Caillard o.l.v. Philippe Caillard
LP 25cm: Erato LDE 2010
Totale tijd:   30:28

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  1. Today I've been listening to Josquin & Bruckner - both putting their faith in their music, both obsessive about short musical patterns!

    I really enjoyed this recording! It made me hear the mass in a different way; I think this is because the choir is less 'blended' or homogeneous than today's choirs, which are so influenced by the English choral tradition. Listening to a 4-part mass where all the voices seek to be as homogeneous as possible, I hear some melody but a lot of shifting, shimmering harmonies. Hearing this record, I hear 4 melodies interweaving, with some intriguing harmonic results.

    The modern 'English' approach seems to be taking over everywhere - even French groups like A sei voci & Musica Nova have moved that way (and I LOVE the Egidius Kwartet!) - but it's good to hear an older continental style, where the individual lines are, indeed, individual. I guess it's a bit like the difference between hearing (say) 4 bassoons or clarinets, and hearing a wind quartet. In the latter the different timbre of each line makes the balance between, and experience of, harmony & melody different.

    Anyway that's what I think! It's a great record; thanks for making it available.

  2. it seems it's not re-equalized. it sounded horrible, i applied a riaa curve, now it sounds perfect.

  3. https://s3.amazonaws.com/tjwatson/30620011087953.pdf