vrijdag 22 juli 2011

Dom Joseph Gajard 3: Abbaye St.Pierre de Solesmes (Decca/Omega SXL 20.150 A)

De derde van een serie van 6 LP's met Gregoriaanse koren o.l.v. Dom Joseph Gajard, alle opgenomen op Decca (met een stickertje Omega eroverheen geplakt). Op mijn andere blog 78 toeren klassiek heb ik eerder een upload gedaan van een 78t.plaat uit april 1930 van de monniken van de abdij St. Pierre de Solesmes, geleid door Dom Joseph Gajard, O.S.B. (1885-1972). We horen hem hier met hetzelfde monnikenkoor op een LP, gewijd aan Palmzondag. De afbeelding op de hoes is van Fra Angelico (ca. 1395-1455): Intocht in Jeruzalem.

Le dimanche des rameaux (Palmzondag):

1  La procession    22:55
Antienne: Hosanna (7e mode)
Antiennes: Pueri Hebraeorum (2e mode)
Sonnerie de cloche
Antiennes: Cum Audisset (5e mode); Occurunt turbae (8e mode); Omnes Collaudant (8e mode); Cum Angelis (7e mode); Habet in Vestimento (7e mode); Christo datus est (8e mode); Regnum Ejus (8e mode)
Hymne: Gloria Laus (1er mode)
Repons: Ingrediente (2e mode)

2  La messe    22:51
Introit: Domine Ne Longe (8e mode)
Trait: Deus Deus Meus (2e mode); (Versets Deus Deus, Longe a Salute, Ipsi Vero, Libera me)
Oratio fidelium
Offertoire: Improperium (8e mode)
Communion: Pater (8e mode)
Repons: Collegerunt (2e mode)

Choeur des moines de l'Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Solesmes
Dir.: Dom Joseph Gajard, O.S.B.
Decca/Omega SXL 20.150 A  stereo

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  1. Thanks a lot for the 3 latest uploads!
    Is this the beginning of a Dom Joseph Gajard series? There would a lot of stuff to transfer...

  2. This will be a serie of 6 LP's - that's what I have in my collection... except 1 78rpm, which is on my other blog 78 toeren. Do you know how many LP's Dom Joseph gajard has recorded?

  3. I don't know exactly how many LP's Dom Joseph recorded (I count 120 33rpm records in the French National Library catalogue, but there must be a lot of doubles). Anyway gallica.bnf.fr offers 12 78rpm (Gramophone W 1115 through 1126) at this url:

    Many of his Decca recordings were reissued on CD by Accord/Universal in the late 90's.

  4. Hello. This download link has some problem. Could you please fix it?

  5. The link works! Please try again, I downloaded it a few times and I think there is no problem...

  6. (Thanks to Benoit for the link above - the collection includes some fabulous early 'world music' discs from Central Asia, Madagascar, etc too.)

  7. Thanks a lot for these gregorian music recordings

  8. It's about 6 weeks early, but I enjoyed listening to this one today. On towards Easter with no.8! Thanks for all this beautiful chant.

  9. Could you re upload this link? please, thanks from Buenos Aires. I love this way of sing gregorian it very like Fontgombault (well they are so close to Solesmes)